Nakhon Kitchen – Dinner

For this meal, I went to the outlet at Bedok. It is not exactly near Bedok Central so do check before proceeding there. When I arrived at 7:30pm on a weeknight, there was a queue, but within 10 minutes we were seated. They are efficient as they would take your order while you are queuing, so the waiting time for food after sitting is rather short. In fact, the first dishes were served within minutes. The service was generally efficient and the food was served fresh and piping hot, so nothing was stale or lukewarm when it reached us. I also like how they do give plain water. Price wise, some items are lower than the usual places while some are higher, so I can’t really say it is cheap, but generally, it’s on the low side which met my expectations of this Thai eatery.

Black Olive Fried Rice with Minced Chicken – $6.00

I did not really detect much chicken but this was quite alright. The sort I wouldn’t mind having again.

Homemade Thai fish cake (4pcs) – $6.00

At only $6, it is half the price of the fish cake I recently had at Maekhong Thai. However, the size is smaller, but it’s acceptable because these are more like appetisers and just a bit would do.

Pandan leaves chicken (4pc) – $6.00

This pandan chicken is priced quite low too, comparing to other Thai eateries I’ve been to, which charge $10 or $14++. However, again, it is quite small but that didn’t really matter. The chicken was wrapped thoroughly so there isn’t bits of exposed and fried chicken, unlike some others. It is rather good though, and served piping hot.

Thai Crispy Spring Roll (6pcs) – $4.00

These spring rolls are extremely crispy and served piping hot. This was an add on order and within 3 minutes of ordering, it arrived on our table. That’s A for efficiency! And it seems like it wasn’t pre-fried and re-fried to serve as it didn’t have the stale oiliness.

Stir-fried Kang Kong belachan – $6.00

I do not like how Asian (like Chinese) restaurants and zi char stalls like to over price their vegetables and this is no exception. This should be like any belachan kang kong I guess. I am not a fan of such dish as I do not like my vegetables oily.

Stir-fried minced pork with hot basil leaves – $6.00

See what I mean by vegetables being overpriced? The meat dish cost the same, and there are long beans too, a vegetable I prefer to kang kong anyway. My all time favourite Thai basil minced meat is the beef from Thai Express but this wasn’t too bad either. It was quite appetising and I polished the entire plate.

Clams – $8.00

This was the daily special. I didn’t try this as I am trying to abstain from seafood for a while but my dining partners commented that it was fresh, but not as spicy as the usual (Chinese) ones.

Tom Yam soup with prawns (Thick Base) – $6.00

I only had a sip of this and it was flavourful and acceptable. No funky taste or anything, just filled with strong tom yam flavour, but not super spicy. I prefer clear tom yam so I’ll try the clear version next time.

Red Ruby – $3

Mango sticky rice – $5

Somehow the rice wasn’t as well flavoured as other places and I wouldn’t really recommend this, but it isn’t all that bad, just not the best.


Ambience: 4.5/10

Food: 8/10

Value: 7.5/10

Overall: I can understand why this place is so popular. It’s good for the price paid.


Nakhon Kitchen

Blk 136 Bedok North Ave 3



6245 5548



3 thoughts on “Nakhon Kitchen – Dinner

    • Hi! Which one are you referring to? I saw the next table having a whole fish, fried, with some sauce on it. when we saw it being served our eyes almost popped out because it was so big. hahaha.

      so are you refering to crispy grouper topped with thai chili sauce, or deep fried grouper with sweet and sour sauce?

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