Sushi Mitsuya – Lunch

I had lunch on a Saturday at Sushi Mitsuya and opted for the omakase lunch. It costs $180++/pax. The chef here is new to Singapore and generally I find that his style of food is rather different from what we normally have too. In this meal alone, there were so many type of fish given which I have never tried before. Some of the items were done in styles I’ve never tried, like Osaka style box sushi and a sponge like tamago (without flour!).

We got sake to start and 300ml of this cost $30.00++.

This was sinfully (cholesterol wise) good, with the liver (I think) of the squid being squishy and nice.

An interesting take on ‘sushi’ without rice.

I can’t remember what this fish was but I really liked it! it tasted somewhat fatty.

This one’s really good too.

For this clear soup, you’re not supposed to drink the soup, but only dip the ingredients into the dipping sauce.

This is sea urchin with crab. I really like this! it’s the chef’s signature.

You can’t go wrong with sea urchin. I absolutely loved this.

This is our usual clams but it’s my first time having it on sushi and surprisingly it worked well!

Osaska boxed sushi version of unagi sushi


This is the chef’s version of tamago and it is flourless. It tastes like sponge cake and was really interesting.

Generally I liked the food here as I am quite adventurous when it comes to Japanese food, but if you think you’re an inflexible eater who only take salmon, this may not be the place for you because you won’t get it here.


Ambiance: 8/10

Food: 8.5/10

Value: 8/10

Overall: for quality Japanese food this is a choice you can consider.


Sushi Mitsuya

60 Tras Street

#01-01 Singapore 078999


Tel: 64382608


Monday to Saturday

Lunch: 12 to 3pm

Dinner: 6 to 11pm


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