Shinji by Kanesaka – Lunch

This is my 3rd time here and instead of the usual full Omakase course, I decided to have Tsuki ($125.00++) the 12 piece sushi course this time. After all, sushi is the speciality at Shinji. I was actually put on waiting list when I emailed them for my reservations but fortunately I was informed that there was availability the morning itself. It seems like the popularity remains after the years. However, I was informed that Chef Oshino was not around today and another chef would be attending to us.

The 12 pieces of sushi with soup and dessert was adequately filling for lunch and I would recommend going for this option if you are looking to try sushi without stuffing your face full or leaving hungry. However, I felt that the standard wasn’t as good as I remembered it to be. There could only be two reasons for this – the sushi wasn’t as well moulded as how Chef Oshino did it, or perhaps my several visits to Japan last year has changed my taste in Japanese food. While it was a good meal, I was not particularly blown away at all unlike the previous times I was here. I think I would be more impressed by a good Kaiseki course rather than edomae sushi experiences nowadays.

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One thought on “Shinji by Kanesaka – Lunch

  1. Great looking sushi. But, $125 for 12 pieces? I guess the cost of living is different there. That seems high for over $10 a bite. But, maybe I’m just cheap!

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