New York 2014 – Amy’s Bread

From my 2012 New York trip, I concluded that Amy’s Bread has the best red velvet cupcake after being disappointed by the popular Magnolia Bakery. I have not encountered any red velvet cupcake close to this, even in Singapore, since 2012 and I’m so glad to be back.

This bakery is very popular especially during breakfast hours, I suppose. It was 10am on a Saturday that I was there and there was a line extending outside of the shop.

I do believe that their breads are one of the best as well but somehow the red velvet cupcake stood out too much. Everyone in line was ordering it!

My other favourite cupcake flavour would be the Carrot Cupcake, even though the double chocolate was good too.

Red Velvet Cupcake – USD$2.95

Firstly, the size of the cupcake was just nice. US tends to supersize cupcakes but not at Amy’s Bread. What’s so fantastic about this was the cake itself, being moist yet fluffy and not incohesive like crumbs everywhere. Initially I wasn’t too happy to have red velvet without cream cheese frosting but I came to appreciate this vanilla buttercream more. It paired perfectly with the light texture of the cake and I think I’m a convert.


Carrot Cupcake – USD$2.95

The carrot cupcake comes with classic cream cheese. The cake was like a typical carrot cake where it’s usually meant to be denser and non-fluffy. I think in this case, cream cheese is a better match. Fluffy cakes should go with light buttercream while dense cakes should go with heavy cream cheese. Perfect.


Amy’s Bread Hell’s Kitchen

672 Ninth Avenue, (Between 46th & 47th Streets), New York, NY 10036




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