The Naked Finn – Dinner

For a unique restaurant in Singapore, I would recommend the Naked Finn. It’s really one of a kind and it’s run by people with passion for what they sell. I like how this place is unpretentious and they care about real quality.

Wild-caught New Zealand littleneck clam (Austrovenus stutchburyi) – 8 pieces $20
Flambéed in white wine, finished with barramundi stock – soup

I always love clams in white wine broth. So good.

Piquant rice vermicelli “bee hoon” – chilled $8
Blanched, tossed in special sauces and topped with sakura ebi

Compared to last time, this has been modified by adding sakura ebi to it. Still as good though!

Wild-caught gamba carabinero (Aristaeopsis edwardsiana) – 1 piece $32/$39
Grilled over sea salt, finished with extra virgin olive oil

This is their signature dish and I ordered the larger one (I think). I’ve never had a single prawn so expensive before but it was really good. The head is the best part. Worth a try at least once! It’s really like no other kind of regular prawns you get everyday.

Locally-farmed barramundi (Lates calcarifer) fillet from Kühlbarra – 300g $35
Pan-fried with olive oil or steamed with ginger and fish sauce

This fish never fails. It is a must order at this restaurant.

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