Song Of India – Valentine’s Day Dinner 2016 Invited Tasting

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I’m back once again at Song of India for another invited tasting! My previous experience with them was for the Deepavali specials and this time, it’s for the special Valentine’s day set dinner menu created by Master Chef Mural.

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Drinks specially concocted for Valentine’s day. The green one is a vodka based cocktail (but not very strong) while the red one is a mocktail with grenadine.

Unlike most typical Indian restaurants, Song of India has a good selection of wines so you could also opt for a bottle to go with your meal if that’s your thing.

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Spiced Potato Relish

Designed to look like a mini burger, this is vada pav, a common street food in Mumbai. The patty is made from potato spiced with cumin and is drizzled with pesto mint sauce.

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Lotus Root Butter Bean Shorba

On the side is a filo pastry with Parmesan cheese – a modern take on the traditional Indian pastry Khari in Mumbai.

The soup was thick, creamy and very strong with flavours. It’s heavy on the palate and people who loves bold flavours like me would love it.

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This is the appetizer platter and sauces of different flavours decorated the plate in heart shapes specially for Valentine’s day.

Lamb Chop Wazvan
Lamb Kashmir style slow cooked, on top of cumin mashed potato

I love lamb chops. I usually have it grilled and it’s my first time having it slow cooked. The spices really got into the meat and it was kinda spicy, but nothing too hot to handle.

Fish with Masala Caviar
Grainy mustard marinated fish parcel cooked in tandoor with dual masala caviar

This is my favourite item! My first encounter with Indian fish was at a tasting at a now defunct restaurant a few years ago and it was dry and tough. I was told that Indian cooking of fish is usually like that. However, this one was totally not dry. I loved how it was packed with flavours yet moist.

Roasted Quail Avocado Chaat

Chaat is a typical Indian savoury dough snack and here we have roasted quail meat tossed with avocado on it.

P1180722 (1024x768)

Lime and Kalamansi Sorbet

Cleansing the palate…

P1180731 (1024x768)

Chicken Deedar
Slow cooked chicken roulade stuffed with baby spinach and cheese with fresh fennel fennugreek yogurt sauce, nutty quinoa pulao, brussel sprouts and baby potatoes

Isn’t the extra touch of making it into little heart shapes and arranging it like this lovely?I’m not a fan of chicken roulade but this one was done really well, it loved it. The meat was very tender and the sauce made it even better. The sauce was on the mild side, not spicy, but packed with flavours.

Instead of usual basmati rice, Chef Mural used quinoa here for the nutty pulao. I love quinoa, substituting most of my grains for it when I’m eating clean at home and was pleasantly surprised to see it here. Usually when you substitute rice with quinoa you’ll get something less delicious but eat it anyway because it’s healthy… but here I must say it’s not any less delicious than using rice. I don’t know what magic he worked with this. I can never get my quinoa to taste this good!

P1180724 (1024x768)

Garlic naan and truffle naan

The naan was really crispy and nice, goes well with the fennel fennugreek sauce.

P1180734 (1024x768)

Saffron Cheronji Panna Cotta,  Lychee & Pistachio Kulfi, Molecular Berry Jellies

Only in Indian restaurants would you get spicy flavours for desserts. It’s rather uncommon I feel. the Panna Cotta has strong saffron and cheronji flavour (similar to last year’s Deepavali sweets) and this is something unique. Typical of Indian desserts, sweetness and milkiness was strong.

P1180747 (1024x768)

Ended my meal with Masala Chai tea. I’m beginning to acquire the taste of Chai and it’s becoming a fast favourite of mine.

P1180748 (1024x768)

As you can see, the restaurant is nicely done up with a lot of personal space for diners having dividers. Having privacy is important when it’s supposed to be a date.

P1180749 (1024x768)

They also have private rooms. This one above can sit up to 10 people and can be booked at no extra cost if you have a party of 8 – 10.

P1180751 (1024x768)

This other private room is more suitable for business events with a setting like this.

Indian food isn’t typically the top choice for Valentine’s day (since it’s s western festival) but at Song of India, their food isn’t exactly traditional – Chef Mural uses traditional recipes and ingredients but added modern twists and creativity to most dishes, so it’s a rather interesting dining experience and definitely something unique.


If you would like to spend Valentine’s Day here, the 5 course set dinner is $89.00++/pax. Do reserve early to avoid disappointment!

Ambiance: 8.5/10
Food: 8.5/10
Value: 7.5/10
Overall: Definitely the best Indian meal I’ve had so far in Singapore.

The Song of India
33 Scotts Road
Singapore 228226

Tel: 68360055

Lunch: 12pm – 3pm
Dinner: 6pm – 11pm



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