Grain Traders – Breakfast/ Lunch

When I first stepped into Grain Traders, I was wondering why this place looks so much like Kilo at Pact. Turns out the two places are really related! Anyway, it is good additional to the CBD area. This place serves customisable bowls for lunch and you can select the grains and the toppings to suit your dietary requirements.

They are also open for breakfast and the breakfast items are on the healthy side as well.

IMG_20160222_181701 (1000x904)

Coconut and tropical fruit oatmeal – $8.00

This is a bowl of warm oatmeal. Honestly, I have never eaten cooked oats before, not that I remember. My oats are always in the form of granola so I was kind of surprised to have oats warm! The portion was kind of too heavy.

20160225_095135 (1000x750)

Eggs and polenta racheros – $8.00

This is a more savoury breakfast choice with Mexican toppings like pico de gallo, guacamole and salsa verde.

20160217_094909 (1000x750)

Tequila cured salmon bagel -$10
Cured salmon, roasted jalapeño cream cheese, red onion alfafa 

20160411_134038 (1000x750)

For lunch and dinner (they close quite early though), bowls are $16 and you can choose to create your own or select a pre curated one on their menu.

You get 1 grain, 1 protein,  1 hot veg, 2 cold veg, 1 sauce and 1 topping.


The options excites me and it was quite hard to select! I went for quinoa, tuna, charred veggies, mixed bean pico de gallo, wafu tomatoes, furikake and basil vinaigrette. I loved it!

Food: 8/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Value: 7.5/10
Overall: I like the food and the vibes this place offers

Grain Traders
138 Market Street
Singapore 048946

Monday to Friday: 8AM – 8PM
Closed on Saturday & Sunday.


One thought on “Grain Traders – Breakfast/ Lunch

  1. Can you elaborate on your “I went for quinoa, tuna, charred veggies, mixed bean pico de gallo, wafu tomatoes, furikake and basil vinaigrette”?

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