Open Farm Community – Lunch & Market

How time flies! It’s been almost a year since I first tried Open Farm Community, shortly after they started and I’ve been wanting to go back because I love this restaurant. I loved the food, environment and the whole concept they have being close to nature with home grown greens.

They also regularly host wellness events and lifestyle and a recurring one has been this social market which happens once every 2 months. I decided my lunch here should coincide with the social market so I could take a peek at what it was all about!

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Basically it takes place at the space in front of their restaurant. The market sells some hipster food – some of which could be testing the response before a selling it in a permanent store while some are from existing cafes promoting their products here. These includes ice cream, granola, drinks, pastries and even savoury food like fish & chips or hot dogs. I didn’t really try any since I was quite full from my lunch!


Chicken katsu burger – $28.00++
Carrot spaghetti, white cabbage chiffonade, curly fries, lime & japanese mayo all in between a spring onion bun

It’s basically a combination of various comfort food in a plate. Only when it arrive it struck me that well basically everything is fried and fatty but that’s the formula for delicious. At least the carrot makes it healthier I suppose!


Mud crab pappardelle – $29.00++
With thai curry sauce, crunchy yellow squash, coconut, crispy shallot thai basil

I love their pasta creations, ever since my first encounter last year. Every option was unique and not like the traditional options. This was as good as it looks. I love handmade pasta! It was stated that their pastas are made fresh daily.

I regret having no space left for dessert. This plate was deceivingly filling. This means I’ll have to make another trip back here and hopefully it wouldn’t be a whole year later!

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