Symmetry – Lunch

I’ve been here once before on a Saturday afternoon and it was super packed. The food the first time was from the weekend brunch menu and it was good enough to make me want to come back for their non-brunch options! They have different menus for lunch and dinner and I am not sure why, but on Monday they serve a different lunch menu from the usual lunch menu for Tuesday – Friday. This menu is served all day on Monday. Anyway, on a Monday it was a lot more peaceful and quiet compared to the weekends and I liked it more this way.


Portobello & Burrata – $24.00++

With sourdough toast, truffled scrambled eggs and avocado. Today the portobello was replaced with assorted mushrooms and it was better this way in fact. Smaller pieces of king oyester, shimeiji and shiitake made it easier to eat than to cut up a portobello and the mushrooms were so flavourful. The scrambled eggs were of creamy texture and done just right.


Miso Cod – $26.00++

This one had more Asian flavours to it and the broth was so tasty, I drank up everything. Taste was good but the portion was of this main course alone was not enough to fill me. So I ordered dessert. (Actually I was secretly happy I had plenty of space left for dessert…)


Caffeinator Waffle – $16.00++

A few years back, someone told me that the waffles at Symmetry was ‘SOOOOO good’. Finally this is the time to try for myself.

The waffles were perfect. Crispy outside, soft inside. I loved it! The combination with the coffee jelly, chocolate pearls and affogato ice cream was perfect. And I don’t even like coffee, but this was really good. Would love to try their other flavours from weekend brunch or the Tues – Fri lunch menu someday!

Overall my impression of Symmetry is good based on their food. The cafe space is quite cramped and can be extremely noisy when it’s crowded so I am not a fan of that, but their food has been on point and this is rare for cafes since most cafes in Singapore serve very basic brunch or overly pretentious options just to keep up with the trends (think taro everything, salted egg yolk lava everything, truffle everything etc). The options here are a lot more unique and I can see the effort.

Ambiance: 6/10
Food: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: Food is a lot better than standard cafe fare

9 Jalan Kubor
Singapore 199206

Mon: 1030am to 9pm (Monday You Bastard)
Tue – Thu:  1030am to 11pm (Lunch & Dinner)
Fri: 1030am to 12am (Lunch & Dinner)
Sat: 9am to 12am (Brunch & Dinner)
Sun: 9am to 7pm (Brunch)


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