El Mero Mero – Dinner

Mexican food in Singapore (and probably everywhere else too) is usually serves in a casual settings, most of the time takeaway style, but this is one restaurant which serves it in a finer way and I liked this restaurant ever since I first tried it last year. Seeing it on the Entertainer App prompted me to revisit and now that I get 1-for-1 on the mains, it’s so worth it!


Crunchy Fish Taco – $16.00++
Crunchy taco, blue warehou fish, avocado, lettuce, sour cream

This was from the starters section. I just love tacos. I seldom see crunchy shelled tacos around somehow, so spotting this I had to order it.

The menu has somewhat changed (or at least, gotten reprinted) since last year and this time I couldn’t find the part about their tortillas being made in Sembawang. I’m not sure who made these shells but they’re A LOT better than supermarket Mexican taco kit sort for sure. I can tell when I get that kind of shells!


Atlantic Grilled Octopus – $28.00++
Corn cream, black garlic paste, tajin ash

The octopus was nicely done, making it tender and not too rubbery. The corn cream was something new to me. Overall I liked this but I think it’s good to share rather than to have it as your own main course, because the corn cream can get quite rich in taste!

Just to add, they mentioned that their mains are grilled using Josper Grill. I haven’t any experience cooking with one yet so I can’t tell you the difference it would make first hand, but word has it that this oven is better than others. Maybe this could be the reason why the octopus was so delicious.


NZ Angus Beef Burrito – $29.00++
Guacamole, cheese, cream, fried beans, rice, lettuce, red onion

After deciding to order this, I realise we had this on our first visit last year too! Still, it is one good filling burrito. Good to share because again, the taste can get too heavy on the palate with all that cream and cheese.

I loved my dinner here and I hope to be back for tacos and ceviches soon. Got to make full use of the Entertainer’s 1-for-1 deals!

For my previous experience: https://hungrybird.sg/2015/06/13/el-mero-mero-dinner/


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