Craftholic × Kki (Pop-up)- Lunch


So cute! Ok firstly, I was never a fan or was familiar with Craftholic. However, upon knowing that they were having a pop-up cafe in collaboration with Kki, I knew I had to try. I love themed cafes simply because it’s all so cute. Besides, I’ve always had a good impression of Kki and it’s been a while! I visited their Ann Siang Hill shop a few times when it was still there, and once when it just moved to SOTA in 2014.


To beat the crowd, I arrived near their opening time at 11:40am. It was an important move because I could choose where I wanted to sit and I didn’t have to queue at all. By 12:30pm there was a long time outside! I’m not sure whether it’s due to my early arrival timing or a special arrangement during this pop-up collaboration period,  but the cake selection was distinctly smaller in variety than usual. Those looking to get a normal Kki experience may want to come after 13th Nov when the pop-up ends!

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Kki was nicely decorated with Craftholic plushes hanging from odd areas and they have a wide range of merchandise on sale.


I’ve always liked dining with soft toys. I grabbed a seat with 3 of them around me!


Garlic Aioli Chicken Sandwich – $16.80+

Ok here comes the food part. From experience and common sense, themed cafe food are usually all about cuteness and not about quality. I didn’t come here expecting anything fantastic, but this one was honestly not bad! The bread use to make that Craftholic sloth bear was normal bread, but the bread on the other side of this sandwich felt like  brioche or something. The chicken was like pulled chicken doused and mixed with garlic aioli, somewhat like mayo tuna texture.

Overall it reminded me of one of those cold sandwiches from Starbucks which usually is always decent and nothing horrible. This one is slightly better than that, so overall plus the cute sloth bear, it was good! I don’t know where the chips are from but I liked it too. It wasn’t like the super thin Lays sort, but kind of thicker and crunchier. Each set comes with a cup of iced green tea which tasted to me like somewhat roasted.


Prawn Curry – $16.80+

This reminds me of Muji/ Tokyo Soup Stock kind of curry. And the gravy was not bad, the flavours were good. It is a simple meal made cute with the picture of sloth bear. Considering that Kki usually only serve sweets, their savoury food this time was really not bad.


Pandan Souffle Cheesecake – $7.80+

I was looking forward to this big time because I love Kki’s cakes. The pandan taste was subtle and most of the time overpowered by the cheese, but the soft texture and richness of it won me over! I love it. It was softer than Chef Yamashita’s version (which I really love too).

For my previous reviews about the cakes from Kki:


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