Siam Society – Dinner

Firstly I would like to thank Siam Society for the kind invitation for this tasting session.

Obvious from the number of posts I have, Thai food is something I have every now and then and I am excited to try new establishments which does it well. Siam Society is rather different from the other Thai eateries because it is less no frills but yet not in the fine dining category. The set up is like a modern cafe which looks cleaner and more spacious than no frills eateries.This makes it more conducive for diners to linger on after the meal instead of simply “eat and go”. The premises is quite big so you don’t feel pressured to leave after eating. Despite the modern concept for the interior, the food served is still quite close to authentic standards so that’s good.

Aside from the usual Thai fare, they do serve alcoholic drinks as well like beer and wine, so you need not hop to another location to chill out after dinner.

The first impression you’ll get seeing the menu is that the prices seems higher than normal. This is true, but what’s not mentioned is that the portions are quite big, which was something I figured out later on.

Young Coconut – $4.90

Thai Iced Tea – $3.90

Prawn Cake Ball – $11.90

These bite size balls makes it convenient to share.

Green Curry Chicken – $12.90

I think this is one of the better green curries I’ve had. I had rather unsatisfactory ones at a few places and for a while I lost confidence in this dish, until I tried this one. I like how the texture was not too diluted and the coconut milk used was fresh enough.

Clear Tom Yum Seafood Soup (L) – $16.90

The price is rather high but the amount of ingredients in this was crazy. As you can tell there seems to be more ingredient than soup in this huge bowl. The taste of the tom yum soup was up to expectations . The spiciness level was alright for me but not hitting my threshold yet.

Yellow Curry Prawn – $17.90

This was my favourite dish of all. I don’t think I ever ordered something similar to this in other Thai restaurants so I can’t compare, but rated alone this was good. I loved the taste of the curry and the beaten egg in the gravy. It actually stole the limelight away from the prawns itself, which were generally faultless too.

Weeping Tiger (Grilled Sirloin Beef) – $24.90

This is one of their signature dishes but I personally don’t feel that this is the best comparing to the rest of the spread.

Perhaps it could be better if it was medium rare! It looks like medium well to me.

Steam Seabass in Chili Lime – $31.90

This was a hot favourite among my guests tonight. The fish was very big and it was fresh. The Thai sauce was slightly sweet, sour yet savoury, typical of Thai ingredients. The spiciness was very mild. It was thoughtful of them to serve it with tea lights below to keep the fish warm throughout the meal.

Deep Fried Pork Knuckles – $34.90

The pork knuckle was really fried to perfect exterior as the menu suggested. It was indeed very crispy. The good side of this was that it wasn’t very oily, but the down side was the meat being kind of dry. I guess drier meat in exchange for a less oily (read: healthier) experience is worth it for health sake.

Thai Style Morning Glory – $8.90

This is what we know as Kang Kong and I don’t think there’ll be anyone that’ll dislike it.

Red Ruby – $4.90

This bowl is big and I really suggest sharing, perhaps among 4. The number of rubies in there was uncountable. The coconut milk was fresh enough and I liked it.

The above meal was shared between 4 of us but we all agreed that it can feed 8 to satiated level. If you are interested to try this place I suggest going in bigger groups so you get to try more. Items like the fish or pork knuckle are big and only comes in one size.



Ambiance: 7.5/10
Food: 7.5/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: Generally the food is up to standard and nothing was disappointing! I will miss the yellow curry prawns.


Siam Society
15 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987

Tel: 62868603


11:30am – 3pm
5:30pm – 10:30pm




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