New York 2014 – Jean-Georges

Among all the restaurants I tried this time in NY, Jean-Georges turned out to be my favourite. This restaurant has been awarded 3 Michelin Stars for several years and booking is definitely necessary. Reservations can be done online on Open Table with credit card details to secure the booking. You will need to dress appropriately for this and the dress code should be abided by. Turning up in shorts and slippers will probably get you turned down.

The restaurant is located very near the south western corner of Central Park, just across a street, at the ground floor of Trump Tower. The signage isn’t very big or flashy and you may accidentally miss it, so remember, it’s the first building opposite the south western corner of Central Park.

For lunch, the menu offers many options and I love that. It was still considered spring even though I could feel summer coming. You can choose 2 plates from any category – cold appetizer, hot appetizer and main course and it cost $38. Additional plates would be $19 each. Alternatively there’s a Tasting Menu.

I initially wanted to have 4 plates but was advised by the professional server that it would be too filling for me. I was sceptical about that but heeded her advice anyway, painfully choosing one item to eliminate. (How is it possible to choose ONLY 3 when I want everything?)

Amuse Bouche

Santa Barbara Sea Urchin, Black Bread, Jalapeno and Yuzu

Sea Trout Draped in Trout Eggs, Lemon and Olive Oil

This was what I picked from the cold appetizer options. It resembles Ikura (Salmon Roe) doesn’t it? I wasn’t surprised because the trout is closely related to salmon so it’s normal that their eggs lookalike. The taste was more or less like Ikura too. I didn’t expect that crispy stuff, which I believe is fried fish skin but that’s good. I like the combination of textures.

Nishiki Risotto with Peekytoe Crab, Nori and Key Lime

By now it looks as if Jean Georges is about Japanese fusion cuisine since every dish seems to involve Japanese elements. This was offered under warm appetizers so the portion wasn’t too big, which was good because risottos tend to get scary when eaten in large quantities. This was a good choice and I liked it very much.

Foie Gras and Strawberry Granola, Aged Balsamic and Sorrel (Supplement $8)

I went for a second warm appetizer instead of a main course. The presence of granola made it feel like dessert rather than a savoury course somehow. The slab of foie gras was huge and sinful. While it was good, I felt that I could do with a smaller portion instead, because it made me felt sick after a while like oil and sugar overload.

Slowly Cooked Cod, Lettuce Puree, Herbal-Lime Vinaigrette 


Black Sea Bass Crusted with Nuts and Seeds, Sweet and Sour Jus

By now, everyone was too full to have anything else and had absolutely no space for dessert. I was happy to have listened to the server’s recommendation of only keeping it to 3 plates.


Petit fours were provided but I was too full to even enjoy them, even though they were really petit. I wish I could have dessert though, because I’m sure it’ll be equally impressive too. I’ll definitely try Jean-Georges again when I return to NY in future!

Since this was an opportunity to dress up, I seized the chance to do so and thus the rare OOTD picture. That’s me on the left and my friend P on the right. My #OOTD:

Dress: Keepsake the Label Romantic Rebel Dress (Black)
Shoes: Valentino Rockstud Rose Pink Heels

I absolutely love this dress, except that the torso portion is too long for my petite (defined as 160cm and below) frame. It should be perfect for people 163cm and above with normal proportions! The shoulder straps were too long and if I pulled the bodice tout, the arm hole would land really low, you know? The heels are my favourite.

1 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023, United States



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