Spicy Thai Thai Café – Dinner

This restaurant is located in a heartland area near Aljunied and not really a location many would bother to come to unless you live nearby. The shop unit of this restaurant have changed hands countless times over the years (as observed by living near by) but this establishment seems to have changed the trend and has survived pretty well. It must mean that the food is good, so I decided to check it out myself.

Aside from Thai dishes, they serve Mookata (Thai charcoal steamboat/ BBQ 2-in-1) as well and it’s perfect for this location which is has plenty of outdoor seating and has good ventilation. However, do be warned that even if you do not order Mookata, the neighbouring tables may and you may still smell like BBQ. Do not visit if you want to go somewhere else after this and have to smell good, or you can just come equipped with shower cap and poncho if you really have to.

Mookata Starter Set – $35.00

Beef Ribeye – $12.00

The mookata menu is pretty straight forward. You order the starter set and add on anything else you need to complete your meal. The starter set includes 2 types of pork, chicken, vegetables and some seafood items which I feel is not necessary. Ordered extra beef because it is not enough.

I like how real charcoal is used here and to me, the whole appeal of mookata is the charcoal grill. Non charcoal grilled mookata just wouldn’t have the same fragrance.

Lala Beehoon – $18.00

The ala carte menu has a wide variety of Thai dishes too but based on reviews everywhere, this was the most recommended one so I didn’t try anything else. It was so good, we ordered multiples of this. The broth was almost like Italian vongole but a really spicy version, which is even better. The beehoon soaked up the broth so well and it tasted so good. The clams were overshadowed because the beehoon (soaked with broth) was the star.

The pork and chicken was well marinated and the meat was tasty, almost like satay. The beef was tender too, like what I would except of ribeye. Overall the quality of the meat ingredients were good and I think this mookata was good. I got extra portions of pork and pork belly ($7.00 each) because it wasn’t enough. If you live nearby, this is a good Thai option to check out! There aren’t many good Thai options in the Katong area so this is close enough.


Ambiance: not rated (coffeeshop like)
Food: 7.5/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: One of the better Thai eateries.


Blk 115 Aljunied Avenue 2
Singapore 380115
Tel: 6747 8558

11am – 12am



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