Long Chim – Brunch

I loved my experience at Nahm and Bangkok and that to me was the best Thai food I’ve tried! It doesn’t matter that the head chef David Thompson isn’t native Thai at all. The food at Nahm was good and that’s all that matters. Even though it was a lot pricier than most usual Thai food in Bangkok, I didn’t think it was a gimmick. It’s just bringing Thai flavours to a higher level and this comes with a price.

We’re lucky that in Singapore, we have another Thai restaurant by David Thompson! Even though this restaurant isn’t listed in Asia’s 50 Best like Nahm is, I had faith that the food would not disappoint.

Located in the Celebrity Chef’s section at MBS, the whole restaurant was a lot bigger than Nahm and it looked more casual, with street and nostalgic looking details. Very different from the modern looking Nahm in Bangkok. Generally, prices here are also slightly lower than Nahm, something one might not expect because things in Singapore costs more than Bangkok typically.

On weekdays they offer set lunches at $35++ or $40++ and on weekends, they have a brunch menu at $60++/pax. The items in the brunch menu are fixed, and this brunch does not refer to breakfast food. It’s regular items but includes way more dishes than set lunch and the dining hours are until 4pm. I opted to have this and I had a good 3 hours to slowly enjoy my brunch.

The menu included 3 appetizers, 5 main items with rice, 2 desserts and 1 drink.

P1200817 (1000x750)

Spicy pork with rice cakes

This one is very spicy. It’s nice, but kind of too spicy. It is to be eaten wrapped in this betel leaf but even so, it didn’t minimize the spiciness by much!

P1200824 (1000x750)

Crunchy prawn cakes

This isn’t typical Thai prawn cakes, but more like shrimps and other stuff battered and fried. It makes a good snack and it was very nice.

P1200827 (1000x750)

Dried prawns ginger toasted coconut

P1200828 (1000x750)

Mandarin mimosa
freshly squeezed mandarin juice, sparkling wine, cointreau, fresh mint

There were 3 drink options – 2 were cocktails and the only non-alcoholic being Thai iced tea.

P1200835 (1000x747)

And the main courses were being served.

P1200833 (1000x750)

Tiliapia with salt crust

This was really nice, I loved it! I’ve had salt crusted fish before but it wasn’t as good. The moisture was really sealed in for this one.

P1200836 (1000x750)

Sun dried squid with garlic and peppercorns

Not bad, but I wouldn’t recommend this because it takes effort to bite through this squid since the texture was on the tough side due to the nature of sun drying.

P1200838 (1000x750)

Green curry of chicken with thai eggplants and chilli

This was the best green curry ever! Perhaps even better than the one I had at Nahm. It was more dense with flavours. I used the green curry gravy to flavour up the fish.

P1200841 (1000x750)

Grilled long eggplant with dried prawns and steamed egg

The dried prawn floss was interesting.

P1200843 (1000x750)

Chinese broccoli with crunchy pork and oyster sauce

The pork wasn’t really crunchy, sorry. The veg was fine.

P1200849 (1000x750)

Black sticky rice pandanus noodles

It’s nice.

P1200850 (1000x750)

Coconut cake

Anything with coconut is love! This was kind of like kueh texture.

Overall, I liked their food and I think it’s worth to try. It is probably the best Thai food I’ve had in Singapore, if you ignore the price. In Singapore, most of our people expect Thai food to be cheap (<$20) because we do have a lot of budget Thai eateries. We also do have classier proper restaurants, and I would think Long Chim should be compared with the latter’s category.

Food: 8/10
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Value: 7.5/10
Overall: Very good Thai food indeed.

Long Chim
10 Bayfront Ave
Atrium 2 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018955

Tel: 66887299

Mon-Fri: 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30-11pm
Sat-Sun: 12-4pm, 5:30-11pm


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