SCS Butter Festive Pack

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SCS has kindly sent me a baking kit and I can’t be more thrilled to receive it because I am a big fan of their butter!

I’m sure SCS Butter is something most of us is familiar with. SCS is a local brand and I’m proud to say that Singapore can produce good quality butter too! It is always the brand I look for whenever I need to bake and I even went down to compare which store sells it for the best price. Read more about baking ingredients in Singapore here.

I’ve been baking (as a past time) for years and hands on experience taught me the importance of good quality butter in my bakes. Especially for recipes with high content of butter, like Pineapple Tarts or buttercream (macaron filling or cupcake frosting), the quality of butter affects the quality of the end product a lot. I have learnt that not all butter tastes the same and butter is not just butter. You have to sample many different butters to realise the difference and I have. I’ve tried many – local, foreign, even homemade. Besides SCS, there are a couple of European brands around which are really good as well, but the price tag is also significantly higher. At the end of the day, I always turn to SCS because it meets the quality I want for the best price.

SCS Butter has undergone a double churn process in order to achieve the rich and creamy texture and is made from 100% Australian grass-fed cow’s milk without addition of any artificial colourings, additives, preservatives and hormones. It also contains Vitamins A, D, E and K.

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I love how they thoughtfully provided a whisk and baking tray in this kit as well.

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It came with a fudgy brownie pre-mix and all I need besides good butter is 2 eggs! Walnuts can be added as well for some variation. The recipe is so simple.

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They included some already baked brownies in the kit and I love how dark and moist they were.

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It’s more of a moist and soft brownie rather than dry study ones but it’s good. Can’t wait to bake them for myself!

The steps as provided on the packaging of the premix was very clear cut:

PicMonkey Collage

  1. Melt 120g butter and allow to cool.
  2. Add in 2 eggs, mix well.
  3. Add in premix and mix until even.
  4. Pour mixture into an 8″ pan.
  5. Add in nuts if desired.
  6. Bake for 20 minutes at 180 deg C and it’s ready!

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1 block of SCS butter is 250g so I simply cut it in approximately less than half for this recipe. No weighing scale is required because dry ingredients are pre-measured and mixed! You could sieve it in if you wish.

Coincidentally, I got this 8″ silicon pan as part of a baking set from a SCS event  in 2013 and it came in very useful! It was the perfect size for brownies and because it’s silicon, releasing the brownie was easy. I just has to flip it over and it detached from the pan!

(If you’re wondering, the mittens are also from the 2013 SCS baking set. It included many items in the same colour scheme.)

P1200799 (900x675)

My brownies turned out similar to the sample and I’m satisfied! Probably the easiest thing I’ve baked so far. No measuring spoons or scales were required at all! You can purchase the pre-mix here if you wish. It tastes just like the real deal. Now I need to find some vanilla ice cream to go with it…

Hari Raya Festive Special

With an array of Hari Raya recipes which calls for the use of 250g butter, SCS is upsizing their unsalted butter from 227g to 250g (that’s 10% extra!) during this festive period for easy food preparation.

You can now find limited edition twin packs (two blocks of either salted and unsalted butter) at just $7.75 at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets! That means each block is $3.88 which is a really good deal considering how it’s usually $5.15 each!

Grab this while stocks last.


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