Husk – Dessert

I cannot explain my excitement when I found out such a place (Husk) exists. It’s practically what I’ve been wanting to have around for the longest time!

Firstly, I shall recap my love for coconut ice cream by bringing up a post I did before. I even tried making my own coconut ice cream! While ice cream is good, I would prefer it to be pure coconut without the dairy from milk and eggs, even better without cane sugar, because I would not mind, for sure, if my favourite dessert can be a guilt free one. The dairy part is of most importance to me because I’m a believer that cow’s milk is not good for humans (there’s many documentaries and research on it so Google, and don’t get me started on how the you need milk or you’ll get calcium deficiency is nonsense to me) and if I can use coconut milk as a substitute for my favourite ice creams and yogurt, I gladly will. There are some commercial brands which do use coconut milk for their dairy free ice creams, available at selected Cold’s Storage, just so you know!

Introducing Frozen Coconut Yogurt, which they call Froco. According to their wesbite, this Froco is “made entirely from young and fresh Thai Coconuts”. They did not mention dairy free but I suppose that’s what they mean? Anyway, coconut yogurt is not new to me. Nood food at Pure Yoga has it, but having it served frozen like Froyo style is new in SG.

20161023_171823 (675x900).jpg

I happily bought a Tall cup (200g) for $5 and added $0.80 for their handmade muesli! They said the muesli is sugar free, only made with honey. Sounds perfect for me. The taste was so good, I felt I could have 4 of these.


However, they need to work on the piping of this. They piped it all the way to the edges of the cup until there’s no room for the toppings to be held in! My toppings were miserably little and they still dropped off as I walked. And the thing is it is HOLLOW inside when I dug in? It means that they could have just piped it not so close to the edges and leave some room for toppings, like what every other froyo brand (Llaollao, Yami Yogurt etc) would do.

Either use a bigger cup or pipe everything closer to the center please! The yogurt is weighed so they can just simply change the way they swirl it right?

I sure hope to see improvements in future because I love this. This is going on my list of healthier yet equally delicious desserts, same category as Açaí bowls!

Plaza Singapura #B2-49
62 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839


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